[Monthly Mix] Will be in Shanghai for a week so everyone gets free music

Hey all,I know I haven’t posted anything from my Seoul Trip but I’m going down to Shanghai for a week starting tomorrow. I’ll be staying with my good friends from when I studied abroad at Fudan University back a year and a half ago. I’m excited to see how much different the city is now after I last left. This week was a busy week at work and I’m ready for my vacation. Unfortunately, I’m not the only one in China who has a 7 day weekend. From tomorrow to next Thursday is China’s National holiday or in Japan we would call this Golden Week. Everyone is most likely going to Shanghai. But as far as music goes, I have 2 updates. Check out this new video from Duck Sauce called “Barbara Streisand“. It’s gotta a catchy beat and the video highlights all the big to upcoming artists in todays music world. The video is definitely worth watching.

Also I made a 40minute mix for all you dance lovers. Its a short mix but has all my favorite tunes from the last month. Listen to it on my download page or click here. Hope everyone is doing well and Happy Holidays from China!

gowhere? October Dance Mix

Click Here for the Tracklist

Here’s the “Barbara Streisand” Video from Duck Sauce.
Duck Sauce "Barbra Streisand"
Uploaded by foolsgoldrecords. – See the latest featured music videos.

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