[Photos] Streets of Shanghai

Before I start talking about this group of photos I chose to post, the air in Beijing today was amazing the AQI dropped from high 400s to about double digits today which was really nice. The rain came from no where yesterday. I enjoyed some really good steak yesterday for a monthly Charity event(I will be posting more about this later).
But for today’s post I wanted to post some street pics from Shanghai. During the Expo, or should I say after 2 years since I left Shanghai, this city has changed a lot. Compared to Beijing most roads are nicely built and it was very comfortable to live. One can easily feel that Shanghai was the doors to the west during the Expo. All the street food vendors were gone and my beloved Nanjingxilu Street Food Street was also taken down. Some of the largest pirated DVD shop streets were gone as well. To top it all, the air quality in Shanghai was really good. Most people tell me that this is due to the fact that Shanghai has been burning Australian high quality coal instead of the ones from Shangxi province, which makes a large difference in a city this big. Ill be putting up Expo photos, tomorrow.

Picture #1: I wanted to focus on the design of the tiles for this shot. It was taken in Times Square in Shanghai by People's Square. This is where are the big spenders come to shop and so you can see a lot of fashionable people. This was a cloudy day but I think I got my message through this shot.

Picture #2: Walking west from Times Square towards Xintiandi area you'll see Shanghai's newest Apple store. It's hard to believe that there's only a handful of Apple Stores in China. i also wanted my attention to go towards the Police officer navigating the busy intersection as cars pass by.

Picture #3: Taken at the Expo Village in Pudong. The workers and student ambassadors from all over the world were given nice housing during the Expo. I think shanghai Architecture and the designs inputed into the modern apartments are really interesting. This was a photo that I had to take.

Picture #4: Is much lively as it was taken at People's Park. During national holiday, there was a lot of people in the park just chilling, playing games, or even parents looking to match up their sons and daughters with potential candidates. It was interesting to see elders ride the swings as well.

Creative Commons Licence
Go Katayama – Photojournalist in Beijing by Go Katayama is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at gokatayama.com.

2 responses

  1. These photos are sooo beautiful. I love seeing photos of Shanghai, because I visited last summer, and I loved it. I took a bunch of photos and posted them on my blog back in July, I’d love your feedback (although they don’t compare at all to these…)! While we were there, we set off fireworks in the middle of the Financial District, it was soooo much fun! I posted the video on youtube, I’ll link it here so you can check it out! Also – I’m surprised you don’t have a picture of one of the fire hydrants buried half way in the sidewalk – tripping over those was the worst thing 🙂

    March 30, 2011 at 9:55 am

  2. Awesome pics! I am going to reblog this and link to your site. The pollution shots are great as well.

    October 20, 2011 at 2:53 pm

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