[Beijing Lifestyle] Christmas in Beijing

As you can see from the photo below, Christmas in China is not quite as Christmas as it is back in the states. I think it’s just Asia in general but even in Tokyo, I never quite feel  like it’s Christmas. The interesting part is that most people celebrate Christmas not to commemorate the birth of Jesus but more so to just ‘celebrate’ since “western” people do it and that’s the cool thing to do. Last time I checked, Christianity in Japan makes up a mere 1% of the total population. But since Japan absorbs almost anything from Valentines Day to this celebration of Christmas, it just seems to me to be a marketing scheme for department stores and cake shops to make more money. Also, you can’t forget that KFC is also the place to be for Christmas. Also in China, KFC is a popular destination for Christmas. But nonetheless, its not quite the Christmas feeling you would get back in the states or in Europe. Check out a photo from Beijing and another one from Japan.

Photo taken at 'The Place' in Central Business District, Beijing. This is by far the most Chritmas-like location in Beijing that I have found. Eventually, there were ice carved sculptures but still is lacking.

Photo taken at Fukuyama city in Japan. You can see the Japanese style 'Torii' which is a traditional Japanese gate used mostly in Shinto Shrines all over Japan. You can see a little bit of Christmas decorations but again very minimal.



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