[Photo] Omikuji

I’ve been really behind on posting photos from when I was in Japan so I’m gonna be going back and forth between Japan and China photos this week. This one was taken on new years day in Japan or ‘Shogatsu'(正月) when I visited a local shrine for ‘Hatsumode’(初詣). Hatsumode is the first shrine visit of the new years in Japan where people make wishes for the year to come. Some shrines in Tokyo would have 3million visitors on new years and you could see people throwing coins at the shrine since it takes way too much time to get to the shrine itself. But the one I went to was a small local shrine in Miyazaki prefecture so the wait wasn’t that long. For hatsumode it is also common for people to buy a ‘omikuji'(御神籤), which has random fortunes written on strips of paper that gives you fortunes based on your love life, health, income stability, child-birth, and disputes resolution. For more information on omikuji click here. But if the omikuji that you happen to pick out of the many has a bad fortune, its tradition that you fold it up and leave it at the shrine. Also its said that its even better if you can tie onto a branch or a string one-handed.

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