[Photos] Wangjing, the Korean Town of Beijing

One of the hidden gems of Beijing in my opinion is Wangjing (望京), which translates to ” the view of Beijing”. I doubt that this part of the city located in the north-east corner of Beijing is listed on any of the guidebooks. But my love for Korean food goes to an extent where I will be looking for the best Korean food in any foreign country I visit. In Beijing there are Korean chain restaurants like HanNaShan who serve you Korean BBQ but they don’t even have Korean beer or have no idea what Makgeolli (Korean Rice Wine) is. So very quickly I discovered Wangjing, the K-Town of Beijing. It is said that there are approximately 120,000 South Koreans in Beijing but 70,000 reside in this area. I personally would recommend the Korean food court area by the newly completed  Line 15 Wangjing Subway Station where there are buildings full of just Korean restaurants. If you reside in Chaoyang district and think that Wudaokou has the best Korean food I think you should give Wangjing a try. Here are some snap shots I came away from Wangjing the other day.

Since 1999, Koreans began to flock here in Wangjing fleeing escalating housing costs in downtown Beijing.

20 years ago the area was a plain old suburb where ox carts and bicycles plodded along dusty roads.

Signs are all in Korean, making it easy for Koreans who do not speak Chinese to reside.

A vendor sells Korean ginseng, a medical plant that helps develop human brain efficiency, in front of a Korean food court.

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