Summer is here and we all need some tunage to start up this summer! Check out my newest 30 minute mix which includes 9 new and old tracks of soulful and nu-disco flavors. Please do play in high volume and share it with your rave partners. Enjoy.

1. The Joneses – Summer Groove
2. Louis La Roche – Be Brave
3. Carte Blanche feat. Alexis Taylor – With You
4. Tiger & Woods – Kissmetellme
5. Les Loups – Show U The Luv (Les Loups Rework)
6. Phonat – Love Hits the Fan (Bestrack Remix)
7. His Majesty Andre – Untitled Vinyl
8. Justin Faust- Holdin’ On
9. Rogerseventytwo – Take Me Higher

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[Event] DJ GOWHERE at if Bar Saturday Night

[Photos] Beijing Jungle, Behind the Scenes of Pets Conspiracy

I’ve been posting and tweeting a lot about Japan these days, for obvious reasons, and I didn’t get a chance to post photos from the beginning of the month when I was an honorable extra for a China based band, Pets Conspiracy‘s music video shoot.  When people ask me what Beijing is like compared to other cities around the world, I can’t come up with a better analogy than saying that “It’s like a jungle”. There’s so much going on in Beijing  and I believe this energy level I can feel from this amazing city and its people is what attracts so many people to come here. Survival of the fittest might even fit in this analogy with Beijing. But what happens when you actually have animals taking over Beijing? This is what happens: Beijing Jungle. Enjoy the photos from the shoot and I will update my site when the actual music video comes out. Also, see if you can find me.

[Music] Theophilus London “Flying Overseas Video”

Just watch this music video from Theophilus London. This guy is just genius. Hopefully he makes it out to the far east real soon.

[Music] Creators Project x Beijing

This should have been posted a while ago but the Creators Project was in town last month. Showcased at the 798 art district.  From their website: “The Creators Project is a new network dedicated to the celebration of creativity and culture across media, and around the world”. Beijing had a real treat that night as everyone enjoyed free drinks all night long and performances from Diplo and Major Lazor.


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Go Katayama – Photojournalist in Beijing by Go Katayama is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
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[Shanghai Photos] m50

Shanghai is known for its rather artsy feel and one example of that is the art district called m50. M50 gets its name from Moganshan Road 50. What I feel is most interesting about this region is the walk to the actual gallery. There are tons of graffiti art that can be found along the way. Artists from around the world leave their mark drawing their own graffiti art.


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Go Katayama – Photojournalist in Beijing by Go Katayama is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
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[Monthly Mix] Will be in Shanghai for a week so everyone gets free music

Hey all,I know I haven’t posted anything from my Seoul Trip but I’m going down to Shanghai for a week starting tomorrow. I’ll be staying with my good friends from when I studied abroad at Fudan University back a year and a half ago. I’m excited to see how much different the city is now after I last left. This week was a busy week at work and I’m ready for my vacation. Unfortunately, I’m not the only one in China who has a 7 day weekend. From tomorrow to next Thursday is China’s National holiday or in Japan we would call this Golden Week. Everyone is most likely going to Shanghai. But as far as music goes, I have 2 updates. Check out this new video from Duck Sauce called “Barbara Streisand“. It’s gotta a catchy beat and the video highlights all the big to upcoming artists in todays music world. The video is definitely worth watching.

Also I made a 40minute mix for all you dance lovers. Its a short mix but has all my favorite tunes from the last month. Listen to it on my download page or click here. Hope everyone is doing well and Happy Holidays from China!

gowhere? October Dance Mix

Click Here for the Tracklist

Here’s the “Barbara Streisand” Video from Duck Sauce.
Duck Sauce "Barbra Streisand"
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[Music] mp3 of the week: Theophilus London ‘I Want You’ Mixtape

This might already be old news to some of you since I’ve been recommending this artist to almost everyone in the past couple months. But some music never gets old and no matter how many times you listen to it, it’s still dope as hell. Theophilus London‘s most recent mixtape ‘I Want You‘ is a mixtape that you just want to sit down and listen from the very beginning to the very end. Don’t skip any tracks or even shuffle it cuz it tells a story and it’s just some really good music that cover everything from soul, hiphop, to electro. You can listen to the mixtape with the soundcloud player below or you can download the entire mix here. Also, the ‘I Want You’ music video is worth checking out too. Enjoy! Happy sunny, clean air Beijing, can’t believe it’s already Thursday.


[Music] mp3 of the week

This is my first music update on this site. This is a  track off from A-Trak’s recent mixtape, ‘Dirty South Dance 2’. I have to say this is a must listen to album if you’re a big fan of dirty south hip hop and electro sounds. Do!Do!Do! is a really dope track from Carte Blanche and Chicago’s very own KID SISTER! You can download the entire mixtape or listen to it here. For more music downloads, check out my ‘Downloads‘ page as well. Happy Sunday.

Carte Blanche – Do! Do! Do! (Feat. Kid Sister)