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[Power Dynamics] Joseph Nye on Power Transition and Power Diffusion

I ran across a great TED Talk from former US Diplomat and Harvard Kennedy School of Government dean, Joseph Nye.

Some topics he discussed in his talk were:

Power Transition Vs. Power Diffusion
Not rise of asia, but the Return of Asia. Power shift to Asia.
China passing US economy in 2027(projected by Goldman Sachs) isn’t a percapita measurement hence, one dimentional overlooking the complex issues.
Asia is not one thing. View of rise of China is different depending on where you are in Asia.
“We(US) don’t have to fear the rise of China, as long as we we have policies to manage this change”
Power is multipolar – US, EU, China, and Japan can balance each other
Soft power is becoming more and more important.
How do we work together create global public goods on positive sum but not zero sum?

I think Dr. Nye did a great job analyzing power from many different perspectives in the 15minutes that he presented. It’s correct, China may surpass the US in terms of GDP by 2027 as China has already passed Japan this year but you have to look at economic power from the per capita perspective. According to World Bank data, it still takes on average  13 Chinese citizens to produce as much as one Japanese citizens GDP.

But I really liked how he said  mutual cooperation and understanding each countries national interest as well as creating a positive gain, will be a key to creating smart power. A very optimistic but an inspiring 15minutes.