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[Quick Update] Beijing AQI reaches 500

I just checked the AQI in Beijing and believe it or not we have reached the maximum 500 mark. AQI is a scale devised by the US-based Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). With an AQI of 500 it states “Health warnings of emergency conditions”. What do we do now? For more information of interpreting the AQI in a Beijing context please visit the My Health Beijing Blog.

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[Air Quality] Today at 3pm vs Two weeks ago at 3pm

Every morning when I wake up in Beijing, the very first thing I do is to open the blinds to see how the air quality is outside. Two seconds later I’m either in an extremely good mood or I close the blinds immediately and fall back to sleep for a couple more minutes or so. On a lucky week, Beijing does get its share of blue sky’s but when its really polluted, I can’t walk outside without a mask.  The Air Quality Index does a pretty good job measuring the air quality in Beijing as I have noted in my previous post. For reference, Air Quality Index (AQI) of 470 on a scale of 500 looks like this:

On the other hand,  two weeks ago at the same time at a AQI of 100 looked like this:

As you can see, it’s quite a difference. The lesson here is to be thankful when you have a blue sky and don’t take it for granted. I think these visual comparisons make it easy to understand and I’ll be coming up with more comparisons in the future.

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