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[Photo] Beijing’s Underground City

What fascinates me about this great city of Beijing is that the more you try to know what’s going on in this city, the more unknowns you run into. Couple weeks back some friends and I were having a conversation about the Underground City in Beijing. A city created in the form of tunnels under the city of Beijing. This to me was unheard of. In Chinese its called 地下城(DiXia Cheng). It’s sole purpose was to be a bomb shelter created in the 1970s in anticipation of nuclear warfare with the USSR. Since 2000 to 2008 it has become a tourist destination but for the last few years the gates have been shut down for renovations. I’m really curious to see what it’s like down there below. It cover a total of 85 square kilometers. I know that there are a total of 90 gates in the city. Even around my apartment I feel like the shady basement entrances could lead to the underground city. Will be back with more updates soon on the underground city.

Could this be one of the 90 entrances to the Underground City?

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