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[Photo] Guomao Bridge and CCTV Tower

It’s interesting to see that people here in China have many ways to keep themselves involved. I spotted a man playing with a batton over some fast paced trance music.

[Photo] View from the Highest bar in Beijing

From the top floor of the China World Tower 3 is Beijing’s highest bar and skydeck. This breathtaking location gives you one of the best views of Beijing. With over 20million people in this city, where you could be on the subway for almost 2 hours from the north end to the south end of the city, Beijing could be felt as a big city. But from the 80th floor, Beijing doesn’t feel as big. Drinks and food at the lounge is overpriced as expected but considering the panorama view of the city it is well worth the visit. This photo is looking out towards the east side of the city from Guomao.

[Reflections] 9 days in Beijing, 356 days to go

I apologize for the lack of posts after arriving to Beijing. I was busy getting an apartment(which I will explain more later on) and setting everything up. I now have, internet, TV, warm water and air conditioning! The first thing I want to say about Beijing so far is that its really HOT. It’s been constantly 100 degrees fareignheight on a daily basis. Compared to the month I spent after graduation in Japan, the last 9 days in Beijing have been quite interesting. Even though I’ve been to China numerous times including studying abroad and working here, I still have so much to learn about the culture in China. Also, one thing I know for sure is that my usage of Mandarin Chinese is in full cycle and people in Beijing seem to understand my English/Japanese heavily accented Mandarin better than in Shanghai. My work which  started last Thursday is located in the Manhattan of Beijing called “Guomao”. The famous CCTV tower is about a 5minute walk away. If you haven’t yet seen what the Chinese Central Television Building looks like you’re definitely missing out. If you remember, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel right next to the CCTV tower burned down last year due to the fire caused by firecrackers. Fortunately, the dutch designed 800 million USD tower was unharmed. This picture I took 3 days ago was the first sunny day in Beijing with an actual blue sky. Survived 9 days 356 more days to go…

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