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[Reflections] Beijing, Where Amazing Happens.

Some nights out are just so random and random shit just happens. Just like in the NBA “Where Amazing Happens”. So apparently last night at a Club Called China Doll, where they just had their grand Re-opening party last Friday, a bunch of NBA players were chilling in Beijing. From my memory I remember engaging in conversation with Steve Nash and Baron Davis. I think I saw some other players but I was too fed up with Steve Nash. Really nice guy. I don’t know why but we talked about his high school days cuz I heard he was as talented in soccer as he was in basketball. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to see these guys and have conversation like I had last night back in the states. Apparently they were here for the Yao Ming Foundation and they are having a charity game tonite somewhere in Beijing. The players didn’t even know where they were playing tonite. What a random night.

(Image from Li-Ning)