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[Photos] Shanghai during GuoQing Jie

After 6 full days of Shanghai, I am back in Beijing. My flight back was relatively comfortable compared to a what could have been a disastrous 13 hour train ride back packed with all the Beijingers and migrant workers. The first thing I noticed as I set foot on Beijing was the air. Pollution here we come. Shanghai’s air was way better than in Beijing as we all know but it was interesting to see how Shanghai had changed after a year and a half. I’m gonna be writing more about Shanghai and the Expo along with thoughts from my Seoul trip throughout this weekend but for now, enjoy three pictures I took from Shanghai. I’ll be putting up more of my work soon. Let me know if you would like the original files for these photos. I have work for the next 7 days straight thanks to Chinese work scheduling for this month.

Picture #1 is the bund(外滩) at night from Puxi side looking at Pudong. I was mad that a boat passed by during my shot but I actually like the boat in this picture as it adds an interesting feel to the photo.

Picture #2 is the China Pavillion at the World Expo. I didn't get to go in but this powerful building really stuck out to me the most. During GuoQing Jie(National Holiday) in China national flags could be seen everywhere in the Country.

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