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[Photos] Perspectives from 2010

Here are some stuff that I didn’t get to post in 2010. In 2010 I was able to see bits of Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and distinct locations within China.

Photo taken at Lama Temple in Beijing, China

Photo taken at Tian Tan Buddha in Hong Kong on a misty day.

Photo taken at Seoul Tower at Sunset in Seoul, South Korea.(Click on photo to see more photos from Seoul)

Photo taken at the China Pavilion of the Shanghai Expo.(Click on photo to see more photos from the Shanghai Expo).

Photo taken at Ordos, Inner Mongolia. (Click on photo to see my photo essays from 2010).

Photo taken at Summer Palace in Beijing.


[Photo] Chinese Longevity

I really enjoy walking around Lama Temple on the weekends. Here, you can  see so many things that make you feel like you are in China. Since I spend most of my time in the central business district, it’s really nice to get out and walk around the hutong. I found these peach-looking objects with a chinese character on it. This character 寿means longevity in Chinese and you can find this character all over China within people’s houses. We can all agree that a long, healthy, prosperous life is one of the most admirable and highest goals of humanity and especially in China longevity is something that is valued highly. The peach is not only a symbol of longevity but it comes from an ancient story of the fruit that enables immortality which this peach of immortality can only be planted every 3000 years.

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