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[Photo Essay] Disney is Too Far, Please Come To Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park

Since 1986, with its' old slogan "Disney is too far please come to Shijingshan", Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park has brought dreams to the heart of Beijingers who cannot afford to make it out to Hong Kong Disneyland. In 2007, international media took up this park labeling it 'Fake Disney' for the state-owned park using familiar Japanese and US characters with attractions similar to that of Disney World. Copyright infringement controversies resulted in the park being tucked away at the west end of Beijing Subway Line 1. Currently under renovations and Disneyland Shanghai scheduled for its grand-open in 2014, Shijingshan amusement park faces a new question on which direction it should pursue. This photo essay is a close up look of some of the attractions this Shijingshan Amusement Park has to offer.

During renovations, Sunday afternoon at the park experienced small number of visitors. Entrance fee was 10 rmb, about $1.5USD.

Renovations welcomed us as we came through the gate.

Most of the characters that raised controversy for copyright infringement were all taken down. We could only see this rabbit character within the park.

The main attractions were kept the way they were. This one had similar resemblances to Thunder Mountain from Disney World

Most of the rides were out-of-order such as this roller coaster attraction.

Didn't see too many kids within the park, mostly teens.

Not Quite the Happiest Place on Earth

One of their most famous attraction called "Dragon Wind".


Nice to see guns where kids are supposed to experience a magical harmonious world.

Epcot Center? America Adventure in the back. Epcot center look-alike building was used as a cinema.

I could tell that the park already got rid of most of their Disney look-a like products but there were a handful of stuffed toys like this one being sold.

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[Photos] Playing with Lights around Shuang Jing Bridge

So I’m trying to keep my posts coming as this might be the first time posting 2 days in a row. That’s my fault but I’ve been keeping myself busy with work and understanding what it takes to live it out in Beijing. If there’s anything I noticed recently is that time just keeps passing by so quickly here. No wonder everyone is always in a rush in Beijing. Every week I wake up and I feel like its Friday. Which is a good and a bad thing I guess. My Chinese conversation skills have definitely improved as the cab drivers here rarely ask me if I’m Korean or Malaysian judging from my accent when I speak Chinese. It is September now and it definitely feels  like summer is over. I hear summer and winter in Beijing are brutal but the best time of the year is September through October so I’m definitely looking forward to the next couple months.

But today, I’m putting up some photos I took from Shuang Jing Bridge(双井桥) overlooking the southern part of Beijing and North, facing Guomao(国贸). It’s really hard taking photos at night. It took me a couple tries to come off with the final products that you see here. I shot with very long shutter speeds as you can see.

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[Photos] Peter Carney Photography Workshop in Beijing

I’ve been meaning to put these photo up from Beijing’s very own award winning photographer, Peter Carney‘s Photography Workshop which I attended back in July. I think my photography improved so much after this fine workshop starting over at the Culture Yard, which is also an institution that I heavily recommend if you want to work on your Chinese skills and make new friends in Beijing.

I’ve been really bad posting updates on my blog but here are some photos from the workshop!


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