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[Quick Update] Heading for Ordos, Inner Mongolia for the Weekend

Ordos, Inner Mongolia? Never heard of it? I will be here. It’s my first time into Inner Mongolia and it should be about a ten hour over night train ride from Beijing. According to TIME Magazine Ordos is the Modern Ghost Town so it should be perfect for Halloween. I will be back with more updates on Monday.

[Quick Update] Week long Trip to Seoul, will be back posting next week

Just a quick update.
I am currently in Seoul, Korea. Ill be back in Beijing(if they let me back in) on Sunday.

Today marks day 3 of my trip in Seoul.
Here are the top 5 highlights of my trip so far:

1. Korean War Museum, a must see for anyone. They have the actual torpedo that sunk Cheonan.
2. Soju + Kimchi = awesomeness
3. Bad Weather: it rained like I’ve never seen before.
4. Korean National Holiday: Most stores being closed.
5. Large number of Chinese Tourists and they understand me 🙂

Extra thoughts:
– There’s like no trash cans in Seoul.
– Reminds me alot more of Tokyo.
– Major League Baseball caps are overrated.
– Bulgogi Burger is not as good as I thought it would be.
– Korean people think Im Chinese.

Pictures from my trip will be up soon.

Stay tuned!

From Seoul, the Soul of Asia

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[Quick Update] Check out my Photography Page!

I’ll be adding more content throughout this week.

Click here to view my photography page.

Sunny day in Beijing!