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[Photo Essay] Disney is Too Far, Please Come To Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park

Since 1986, with its' old slogan "Disney is too far please come to Shijingshan", Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park has brought dreams to the heart of Beijingers who cannot afford to make it out to Hong Kong Disneyland. In 2007, international media took up this park labeling it 'Fake Disney' for the state-owned park using familiar Japanese and US characters with attractions similar to that of Disney World. Copyright infringement controversies resulted in the park being tucked away at the west end of Beijing Subway Line 1. Currently under renovations and Disneyland Shanghai scheduled for its grand-open in 2014, Shijingshan amusement park faces a new question on which direction it should pursue. This photo essay is a close up look of some of the attractions this Shijingshan Amusement Park has to offer.

During renovations, Sunday afternoon at the park experienced small number of visitors. Entrance fee was 10 rmb, about $1.5USD.

Renovations welcomed us as we came through the gate.

Most of the characters that raised controversy for copyright infringement were all taken down. We could only see this rabbit character within the park.

The main attractions were kept the way they were. This one had similar resemblances to Thunder Mountain from Disney World

Most of the rides were out-of-order such as this roller coaster attraction.

Didn't see too many kids within the park, mostly teens.

Not Quite the Happiest Place on Earth

One of their most famous attraction called "Dragon Wind".


Nice to see guns where kids are supposed to experience a magical harmonious world.

Epcot Center? America Adventure in the back. Epcot center look-alike building was used as a cinema.

I could tell that the park already got rid of most of their Disney look-a like products but there were a handful of stuffed toys like this one being sold.

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[Transportation] China has the Fastest Shinkansen (Bullet Train in Japanese)

I’m sure by now you’ve seen posts from all over the web saying that China has the fastest bullet train in the world,  running at a speed of  245mph compared to the 186mph Japanese Shinkansen, which previously was the fastest before China overtook the Shinkansen in 2008 with the opening of the Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway. I had the opportunity to ride the Chinese Bullet Train from Beijing to Tianjin couple months ago and I must say I was extremely impressed.  From Beijing to Tianjin is about 117km in distance and it only took about 30minutes. The ride was comfortable as the Japanese Shinkansen, or even better and the interior was spacious enough to take a brief nap but again, 30 minutes wasn’t long enough for my nap.  The total cost one way was about 70rmb (about 10USD) for first class coach. With the record breaking traffic jams in Beijing, it’s nice to see more means of transportation being complete all around China.

The world’s first maglev also belongs to China running at  a max speed of 268mph connecting Shanghai Pudong International airport and the outskirts of central Shanghai. I finally had a chance to ride it couple weeks back and not only the speed but how comfortable it was really amazed me. Japan Railways announced recently that they will also be completing a maglev style bullet train with max speed of 312mph, aiming for commercial use in 2027, which is still a while away. But as an observer, it’s interesting to see how quickly China has caught up and passed Japan in this field. Considering 20 years ago, nobody could compete with the Japanese Bullet Trains in speed, efficiency, and safety.  For more comparision on comparative literature on high speed transportation, the Transport Politic did a great job analyzing “High Speed Rail in China”.

at Beijing South Subway Station waiting for the Bullet Train.

a Bullet Train is ready to leave Beijing towards Tianjin. It runs almost every 30minutes from Beijing South Railway Station

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[Shanghai Photos] m50

Shanghai is known for its rather artsy feel and one example of that is the art district called m50. M50 gets its name from Moganshan Road 50. What I feel is most interesting about this region is the walk to the actual gallery. There are tons of graffiti art that can be found along the way. Artists from around the world leave their mark drawing their own graffiti art.


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[Shanghai Restaurant Review] Extraordinary venues to impress in Shanghai #2

Back again for Venue #2 and this could conclude the “Extraordinary Venues to Impress in Shanghai” Series. The second venue is in Pudong and its the skybar within the Ritz Carlton. Located on the 58th floor, Flair was a great place to check out the city of Shanghai turn from day to night. The sunset was gorgeous. Check out the photos I managed to come out with.

I’m so ready for the weekend, I’ll be busy teaching English at migrant schools and catching the Boys Noize concert on Saturday. I’ll be back with more photos from Seoul, which I have meaning to post for ages.

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[Shanghai Restaurant Review] Extraordinary venues to impress in Shanghai #1

On my last day in Shanghai last week my friend took me to a couple of venues with one of the most breathtaking views of Shanghai. Now, I’ve been commenting a lot about Shanghai these days but don’t get me wrong. I’m a Beijinger at the moment and Beijing has a lot of astonishing views as well. One of places in Shanghai we went to is:

New Heights Shanghai: Located at Three on the Bund, this superb location from the 8th floor allows for one of the best views of the bund. I really recommend the lunch set menu for 118RMB which comes with an appetizer, main course and a drink of your choice. The outside patio area is a really nice to spend the afternoon, of course when the weather is good. I’ll let the pictures do the talking from here.

Picture #1: The View from the table. Good food, good view what more can you expect from an afternoon meal.

Picture #2: Compared to seeing the Bund from below, it gives off another feel to see it from up top. During Guo Qing Jie, the street from Nanjing East Road to the Bund was filled with tens and thousands of tourists from around China and the globe so it was cool to get away from that.

Picture #3: View to the North. You can see another fabulous restaurant, M on the Bund in the building right across.

Picture #4: View to the South. You can see the newly built apartments in Pudong.

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[Photos] Streets of Shanghai

Before I start talking about this group of photos I chose to post, the air in Beijing today was amazing the AQI dropped from high 400s to about double digits today which was really nice. The rain came from no where yesterday. I enjoyed some really good steak yesterday for a monthly Charity event(I will be posting more about this later).
But for today’s post I wanted to post some street pics from Shanghai. During the Expo, or should I say after 2 years since I left Shanghai, this city has changed a lot. Compared to Beijing most roads are nicely built and it was very comfortable to live. One can easily feel that Shanghai was the doors to the west during the Expo. All the street food vendors were gone and my beloved Nanjingxilu Street Food Street was also taken down. Some of the largest pirated DVD shop streets were gone as well. To top it all, the air quality in Shanghai was really good. Most people tell me that this is due to the fact that Shanghai has been burning Australian high quality coal instead of the ones from Shangxi province, which makes a large difference in a city this big. Ill be putting up Expo photos, tomorrow.

Picture #1: I wanted to focus on the design of the tiles for this shot. It was taken in Times Square in Shanghai by People's Square. This is where are the big spenders come to shop and so you can see a lot of fashionable people. This was a cloudy day but I think I got my message through this shot.

Picture #2: Walking west from Times Square towards Xintiandi area you'll see Shanghai's newest Apple store. It's hard to believe that there's only a handful of Apple Stores in China. i also wanted my attention to go towards the Police officer navigating the busy intersection as cars pass by.

Picture #3: Taken at the Expo Village in Pudong. The workers and student ambassadors from all over the world were given nice housing during the Expo. I think shanghai Architecture and the designs inputed into the modern apartments are really interesting. This was a photo that I had to take.

Picture #4: Is much lively as it was taken at People's Park. During national holiday, there was a lot of people in the park just chilling, playing games, or even parents looking to match up their sons and daughters with potential candidates. It was interesting to see elders ride the swings as well.

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[Photos] Shanghai during GuoQing Jie

After 6 full days of Shanghai, I am back in Beijing. My flight back was relatively comfortable compared to a what could have been a disastrous 13 hour train ride back packed with all the Beijingers and migrant workers. The first thing I noticed as I set foot on Beijing was the air. Pollution here we come. Shanghai’s air was way better than in Beijing as we all know but it was interesting to see how Shanghai had changed after a year and a half. I’m gonna be writing more about Shanghai and the Expo along with thoughts from my Seoul trip throughout this weekend but for now, enjoy three pictures I took from Shanghai. I’ll be putting up more of my work soon. Let me know if you would like the original files for these photos. I have work for the next 7 days straight thanks to Chinese work scheduling for this month.

Picture #1 is the bund(外滩) at night from Puxi side looking at Pudong. I was mad that a boat passed by during my shot but I actually like the boat in this picture as it adds an interesting feel to the photo.

Picture #2 is the China Pavillion at the World Expo. I didn't get to go in but this powerful building really stuck out to me the most. During GuoQing Jie(National Holiday) in China national flags could be seen everywhere in the Country.

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[Monthly Mix] Will be in Shanghai for a week so everyone gets free music

Hey all,I know I haven’t posted anything from my Seoul Trip but I’m going down to Shanghai for a week starting tomorrow. I’ll be staying with my good friends from when I studied abroad at Fudan University back a year and a half ago. I’m excited to see how much different the city is now after I last left. This week was a busy week at work and I’m ready for my vacation. Unfortunately, I’m not the only one in China who has a 7 day weekend. From tomorrow to next Thursday is China’s National holiday or in Japan we would call this Golden Week. Everyone is most likely going to Shanghai. But as far as music goes, I have 2 updates. Check out this new video from Duck Sauce called “Barbara Streisand“. It’s gotta a catchy beat and the video highlights all the big to upcoming artists in todays music world. The video is definitely worth watching.

Also I made a 40minute mix for all you dance lovers. Its a short mix but has all my favorite tunes from the last month. Listen to it on my download page or click here. Hope everyone is doing well and Happy Holidays from China!

gowhere? October Dance Mix

Click Here for the Tracklist

Here’s the “Barbara Streisand” Video from Duck Sauce.
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