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[Photos] Hat Yai, Thailand

From our journey back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from Koh Lipe, Thailand we took a bus from Hat Yai, Thailand. Located in southern Thailand near the boundary of Malaysia, you can see some Chinese influences within the city. My Chinese abilities were quite useful in Hat Yai as I tried convincing my foot massage therapist to press lighter. I had no idea what this place was until I arrived but Hat Yai was an interesting place for photography. Enjoy the photos below.

Mangos were sold everywhere in Hat Yai

The Taxi Bus, picks up everyone and re-routes as they go

Random disco ball in the middle of the street

[Photos] Koh Lipe, Thailand

Approximately 2 hour away from Langkawi, Malaysia is a castaway island so rich with untouched nature. This is Koh Lipe. I have had the opportunity to see some of the islands off of southern Thailand but Koh Lipe was by far the most beautiful island. Koh Phi Phi and Phuket were overly touristy and it was hard to get away from the crowd and be lazy on the beach. But Koh Lipe is exactly that kind of place. If you are backpacking from Thailand to Malaysia or vice versa, I would recommend staying at Koh Lipe. The only problem was finding a lodge. During high-season we witnessed backpacker’s walking around for hours on this tiny island looking for a place to stay and some resort to sleeping on the beach. But of course, prices in Koh Lipe are higher than Thailand mainland so expect to spend 100-200 bahts per meal. Here are some photos I took in Koh Lipe.

[Photo] Rock Stacking in Koh Lipe, Thailand

The art of rock stacking has different meanings in various cultures. While in Koh Lipe, Thailand I witnessed an entire island dedicated to stacking rocks. In Thailand, people visit this island off the coast of Koh Lipe and stack up the rocks and make a wish.