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[Photo Essay] Xingcheng, China: Old City Walls

Many of you may not have heard of Xingcheng in Liaoning Province and its no surprise with so many destinations to go in China, this country level city witnesses minimal amounts of foreign visitors. Just a 7 hour train ride away from Beijing, its the perfect destination to spend one of the days over the weekend to get away from Beijing. Xingcheng has two highlights of which being one of the best preserved Ming Dynasty town and city wall in China. as well as a beach resort facing the Bohai Sea. This photo essay is my perspective on this city as I hiked along the city wall and peeked into the local peoples daily lives.

Xingchengs city walls have stood since they were first constructed in 1428. A good lap around the wall took about 2 hours to complete. As you can see, the weather was inconsistent, as it rained and stopped raining followed by sunlight upon my visit. (50RMB entrance 25RMB with student card).

Gucheng(Old City) Subdistrict is home to about 100,000 residents most of which were toddlers and older people. The youth in the city seems to have relocated to larger cities for better job opportunities.

You can see the Gulou(Drum Tower) in the middle of the old city. The roads that go through the drum tower are filled mostly with commercial shops(mainly toy shops and accesories). Dont plan to find any restaurants in the old city as I found none.

Along each gate on the north, south, east, and west sides were small markets that consisted of daily products and animals.

Looking east from the old city. The Train station is only about a 3RMB tuk tuk ride away from here. The buildings outside the old city tend to be much higher and newer.

A man talks on his phone along the city wall.

The watch tower on the east end of the wall.

Man walks by a deserted building.

Sneak peak from the west to the east side of the wall.

Rooftops of old city housings.

Most of the courtyards were used as storage for scrubs and other random materials.

Man bikes along the wall.

Mother and daughter are having a conversation.

Man rests along the wall taking a break from his work.

You could see flowers along the front door in most of the residencies in the old city.

A woman walks along the wall. I really like the yellow bricks with the green door.

A new shopping facility is in construction.

The other highlight in Xingcheng is the beach. Creatively, the beaches are named by numbers #1,#2, and #3. You can hope on bus #1 from the old city and get off at the last stop. This statue of the Chrysanthemum goddess welcomes you in.

Xingcheng is really pushing its beaches to become a commercial beach like in Beidahe but seems like they have much more work to do. The sea food was suppose to be famous but I only managed to find a handful.

The sand at Xingcheng Beach was really soft and was perfect to be lazy and stare at the Bohai Sea.

Xingcheng Train Station. A midway stop for trains going from Beijing to Dalian and for most trains coming from north-eastern China to the south.